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Avery Ann’s Next Adventures:

I have six stories to share in The Adventures of Avery Ann series.

Avery Ann is dreaming of her next adventure, into outer space. I have completed the manuscript for the second book in the series titled, The Adventures of Avery Ann: Space Hunter. This adventure finds Avery Ann launching to the moon in search of space rocks for a class project. Hmmm, I wonder what kinds of space creatures she meets?

The third book titled, The Adventures of Avery Ann: Time Traveler is in final draft stage. This fantasy combines Avery Ann’s love of soccer and her desire to relive parts of history to write a school report.

The fourth book is in outline stage.

The fifth book is a concept.

The sixth book is a concept.

Word-of-mouth is an important marketing tool in spreading the news about The Adventures of Avery Ann. We appreciate your help in letting others know about Avery Ann. Thank you!

The Adventures of Avery Ann is currently available to buy as a digital download for e-readers.   Click here for info to buy book.


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